"Cordial Greetings from the Secretary, Management Committee S.R.D.A.K.P.G. College, Hathras."

Late Shri Rameshwar Das ji Agrawal, founder of this institution believed in the dictum that educating a man is educating an individual but educating a woman is educating the entire family. True to his belief, he donated his land for building this prestigious all girls college to provide higher education for girls in the city of Hathras with a strong emphasis on values and tradition especially with a mission of Empowering Women. Our vision – ‘To educate and empower,’ has been overwhelmingly appreciated by the community.

Our one and only esteemed Girls Degree College, located in the centre of Hathras district, had a humble beginning with 33 students in 1973 has at present more than 2000 students on its role. As we are stepping into the Golden Jubilee year of our institution, with standards flying high, what comes to my mind is that –“success comes to those who work hard and stays with those who don’t rest on the laurels of the past.” Girl’s education plays a great role in changing the society and we are proud of the achievements of our students and their rapid progress as well. Today it is one of the best colleges for Arts, Social Science, Language, Humanities and commerce in Hathras and is a cornerstone for shaping the women of tomorrow to unlock their hidden talents and insightful learning. Our main focus is to create an atmosphere to not only to impart quality education but also to provide healthy environment where different co-curricular activities motivate the students to be the brightest and the best.

The system has changed a great deal over the years but we are committed to counter challenges for its upliftment. The whole Radian Family tries its best to equip the students with good education and skills to take on challenges and to make them successful in their professional and personal field with qualities in head and heart.

I am confident that with an inbuilt momentum, this college will continue to thrive and march onward to a better and brighter tomorrow. Though much is done, more is still required .I, being The Secretary of the College Management Committee, is heartily devoted to take the last step for the betterment of our college. I feel proud being a part of such a noble endeavor in shaping Modern India with its mission – “Women Empowerment”

Stay Healthy, Happy and Empowered!
With best wishes for a brighter tomorrow